Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Victory At Last As Google Decides CW Wade Is Right

I am pleased to report that I have secured the removal of Sandy Hook Hoax's "impersonate CW Wade" blog;  The blog has been deleted by Google. Woot!!

The blog, operated by Sandy Hook Hoax hoaxer Jeff Dryden (a fake name) was named:


Chief of Special Operations/Hacker Jeff Dryden


The blog featured numerous articles by Dryden using a blatantly fake "CW Wade" account.

Anything that sounded like me getting angry or using socially unacceptable bad language was actually written by Jeff Dryden.  What this extraordinary stalking endeavor reveals is that Dryden is significantly obsessed with me; obviously stark raving mad; going to great lengths to impersonate me, intimidate me, harass me, as well as criminally stalk me on my own street .… ringing my doorbell at all hours of the night, messing with my lawn equipment and knocking down and eventually stealing one of the signs I have up in my front yard.

This deranged lunatic hoaxer scoundrel appears to think that society will just sit idly back while a maniac launches XXL size chocolate milkshakes through the partially open windows of my automobile which is exactly what happened to me this past Saturday.

In addition to Jeff Dryden writing over 700 articles over the past several months pretending to be me, Dryden has even corrected my spelling while having conversations with several of his own aliases in the fake comment sections of the fake articles which I didn't write
Dryden also once used a fake account to comment on a fake video on YouTube.

He has also fraudulently signed up to filthy and nauseating internet subscription services using my name and email address. Thanks to help from Kathy at HelloFlo's Customer Support—they, along with Romance for Life's Natural Remedies For Your Yeast Infection—have finally ceased sending me their disgusting newsletters, which I never agreed to pay for in the first place.

Blogs by CW Wade were and are not by me, CW Wade... I am (and was) WadesVids™ and am only now CW Wade because “WadesVids” was Jeff Dryden before he was a fake “CW Wade”

Jeff Dryden's concerning behavior and stalking propensity is being addressed at another level I will reveal that at a later time.  I am guaranteed to be able to track this guy down and determine his identity even if he were smart enough to be using a VPN bought with a prepaid credit card, which he is most certainly NOT.

My top secret legal connections have ties to the very top branches of the FBI and they take The California Penal Code's subsections regarding online stalking and impersonation very seriously.

So seriously in fact, that even having your proxy's server records hidden in the Transdniestria region outside of Moldova won't help you...

A Message To This Crazed Madman:

But just know this Jeff Dryden:
If you are the one who threw that Carl's Jr. milkshake into my car while I was shopping inside Food 4 Less, then you will be sued for at least the cost of getting my upholstery laundered and for me to purchase a new Vltor Upper Receiver for my Del Ton AR-15 for psychological pain and suffering.

Unbelievably, Dryden even created a fake “Debunking” by me concerning Noah Pozner that Dr Doom then debunked thinking it was a real CW Wade article.  My fact-based research has never been debunked by a hoaxer, least of all by anyone named “Dr Doom”.  When Doom realized he had been duped by Dryden, Doom deleted his all of his debunking videos and published a retraction and an apology, and admitted that I was right on all counts.

Tony Mead and Jeff Dryden have gone to (and continue to go to) significant lengths to trick the other Sandy Hook Hoax members into thinking the blog was or is actually real.
This shows Dryden and Mead's lack of honesty, respect, and integrity towards even their own membership.

Not surprisingly, many of the hoaxer drones have thanked Mead and Dryden for lying to them. Today, in the Hoax group, Dryden and Mead continue the charade regarding the blog.

At any rate, numerous fake “CW Wade” Facebook and Google+ accounts were deleted during the past few weeks in addition to the criminal psychopath, Jeff Dryden's fake blog.

To anyone that was tricked by Sandy Hook Hoax's gimmick, take it up with Sandy Hook Hoax.
This shows you the type of people you deal with in that crew.  You retards are dumber than I thought if you think anyone would believe that I could ever sound ANYTHING like that.

My followers may be amused to learn that I was able to predict this.
Yes, before this Jeff Dryden fake Facebook profile terrorist hoaxer ever said anything to me, ever, I just knew that this guy would later be a problem for me. Call it a hunch. An intuition finely honed like a laser by years of on-the-job investigatory experience.

I even told all of my followers to report him to Facebook, which we did.  Back in November. Facebook obviously doesn't take California's penal code seriously enough, but that will soon change; for reasons which will be explained at a later date...

Report this profile thanks
Proof that I knew Jeff Dryden would be a problem way back on November 15, 2014

If you are concerned about trying to determine the difference between the real me and Dryden's criminal stalker me, the simplest solution would be to look at the time something was posted.

Also, if the content of the comment is rude or disrespectful?
 —> fake CW Wade

Bad spelling and atrocious grammar, sounding like some drool drinking clown?
—> fake CW Wade

You get the idea.

More Top Notch Debunking of Hoaxer Claims COMING SOON!

While it is certainly good to be back and to have my online reputation still in tact, please do not think this means that I am now entitled to a Hawaiian vacation, or even one of my usual, bi-weekly 3-night trips down to Anaheim (free season pass to Disneyland–woot!!)

To be honest, I would sort of like to go.. but last time we went, back at the end of December, my ex-wife picked up a nasty case of the measles on Davy Crockett's Explorer Canoe Ride and Water Flume. This is obviously due to so many conspiritards not getting their children properly vaccinated with the MMR vaccine.
Some people wait too late to vaccinate (age 2), but we make sure to get ours yearly just as a precautionary measure.

So watch this site closely—for in the coming days I will have some fantastic, top-notch debunking articles; wherein I will eviscerate the very last of the hoaxer's claims from the movie We Need To Talk About Sandy Hook.

I make this solemn promise to my followers

I will not tire.  I will not rest.. 
I will not stop...
until every single stupid ass fake claim of “HOAX!”
from the Cheetos eating rejects known as the Sandy Hook Hoaxers.. 
are firmly pounded into the filthy ground where they belong ...in pieces..
and thoroughly ... DEBUNKED.

I will not tire. I will not rest...
Though I may have miles left to go ... I will not tire. I will not rest.


 CW Wade


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  2. THE ABOVE ARTICLE was posted 1/13/15 at 1:01 PM

    THIS ARTICLE was posted 1/13/15 at 1:05 PM

    4 minutes later......sooooo is this blog your REAL blog now?
    and your former real blog is now fake???

    what the hell is up with you dude?

    1. nothing its been a bad couple of weeks but now everythings thriving

  3. Sounds to me like this Dryden cat is pwning yo ass- CW Wade.
    Thats funny. Thats so fucking good. Serves the fucking little twat right.

    1. Go screw yourself
      I cannot stress how SERIOUS law enforcement takes this stuff.
      The California Penal COde makes Criminal Impersonations and Cyber Bothering To be a FELONY OFFENSE. 25 Years In Prison. Minimum.
      Anyhow thanks for visiting.

    2. These hoaxers are pathetic and aren't responding to my cease and desist request. In fact, they laughed.


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